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Facilities Design Guidelines | Proposing a Revision

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The Facilities Design Guidelines are published and locked on an annual basis. Mid year changes to the FDG will be posted in addition to the locked version for Project Manager reference.

Project Managers, A/E contractors, and members of the Stanford University community are welcome to propose changes to FDG documents by emailing: If your proposal applies to any already existing FDG, please also CC the Responsible Organization listed next to/below the current document or drawing.





   FDG Document Revisions

(follow this procedure when altering sections for submission during Plans Review)

Formal additions and changes to the FDG documents and can proposed in either of 2 ways:

  1. Create a document from scratch using Stanford's current CSI numbering/naming format. Contact for currently used CSI documentation. 
  2.  Alter an existing section by downloading a copy of the Word document and editing the downloaded copy:
    • Ensure that the Track Changes setting is on. All changes you make to the document must be noted and underlined.
    • Save and submit the marked-up copy to the committee without accepting changes in the Word file.

   FDG Drawing Revisions

Departments are responsible for providing drawings that accompany specifications. If assistance is needed, Maps and Records can assist with the development of FDG drawings. Please contact us for an estimate at HelpSU (Maps and Records).

When submitting drawings, list each of the drawings at the top of the FDG document text with the title "ASSOCIATED DRAWINGS". A single drawing can be used to support multiple disciplines and multiple guidelines.


   Review of Proposed Revisions

Proposed changes will be reviewed during the next scheduled FDG Committee meeting.  The overall review period for formal changes may take up to 1.5 months during the process of committee review (2 weeks), FDG monthly meeting presentation, voting, and posting. Please note that although general feedback is welcome, it may take longer to incorporate than formal proposals.




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