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Closeout Process

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At the end of a project, a digital closeout package is required to be submitted to Maps & Records. Closeout records provide Stanford University with a permanent record of actual construction, including change orders and field directives, to facilitate troubleshooting and provide for the potential of future building alterations.


What to Include

Your closeout package should include records relating to maintenance and construction projects on Stanford University related grounds and facilities. These records typically consist of record and as-built drawings and support documents. In addition, closeout should be accompanied with a Maps and Records As-built Transmittal.

Where to Send

Closeout copies can be uploaded to:

Maps and Records Closeout Inbox
Support documents must be submitted in PDF format if applicable.
Support documents must be submitted in PDF format. Other file formats are accepted as needed.
Drawings must be submitted in PDF, CAD and BIM/3D formats.
Drawings are required in PDF, CAD and BIM/3D formats.